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Want to increase your revenue with the help of TikTok Ads?🎯

This course will give you everything you need to jumpstart

Learn how to drive more sales with TikTok Ads!


This mini-course contains all the essential knowledge you need to start running effective ad campaigns on TikTok. Just in 4 days you will learn all the basics about TikTok Pixel, ad campaigns structure, audiences and targeting setting, ways of ad budget allocation, and more!

Our digital marketing agency has been running paid ads for more than 6 years already and we have over $12 mln in total ad spend, with over $1 mln of them spent on TikTok ads. It allowed us to learn A LOT about TikTok ads by trial and error. And now we’re ready to share this knowledge, and all the tips and valuable insights with you so that you could avoid the mistakes 90% of the rookies make and, of course, drive more sales and make more money for your business!

We will show you real examples and screenshots, and what’s even more important, we’ll share practices we use when running ads on TikTok for our clients.

Join to learn how to run profitable ads from day one!

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“Is this course for me?⚡️”

If you are a business owner, a media buyer, or an in-house marketing director who wants to start out on TikTok, this course is definitely for you

If you:

👉  are new to TikTok Ads (or any other paid ads) but want to start out fast

👉  want to generate more sales and profit

👉  don’t know what type of creatives work best on TikTok

👉  are not sure what ad budget is needed for your TikTok ad campaigns

👉  have neither time nor budget to learn by trial and error

👉  are not sure you know everything about the peculiarities of this platform

👉  or want to make sure your media buyer is not sending your money down the drain

don’t waste your time, grab this course now!

Here’s what you will be able to do after watching it:

👌 launch actual ad campaigns

👌 edit videos that generate high CTRs

👌 learn how to measure not only overall ads performance but also separate creative’s performance

👌 define how to avoid creatives burnout

👌 understand how to approach different clusters of your audience

👌 find out what you can and can’t do when running ads on TikTok

👌 check if your Pixel works properly

👌 understand the difference between bidding methods and bidding strategies set up precise and broad audience targeting

👌 learn how to get out of the learning phase faster et up catalogue and run DPA ads

👌and run highly effective ads!

Course Structure

Lesson 1

All you need to know about TikTok Pixel

You’ll find out what Pixel actually is and what data it gathers. You’ll learn how to set it up and how to check whether it works okay and sends all the data you need.

Lesson 2

Lesson 2. Building ad campaigns and targeting the right users

Did you know that behaviors on Facebook and behaviors on TikTok are completely different? Did you know that you can target hashtags? These and a lot of other questions are covered in lesson 2. Plus, winning campaign structure and some tips on how to get valuable insights from reports.

Lesson 3

Lesson 3. How to choose ad campaign objective for YOUR business

We’ll talk about the difference between ad campaign objectives on TikTok and what goals they can help you achieve with the algorithm work in mind. But except for this, you’ll also learn to distinguish bidding methods and bidding strategies and find out how to set and allocate ad budget.

Lesson 4

Lesson 4. Metrics that will help you see the full picture of your ads performance

We’ll reveal what metrics we check daily and which ones are of secondary importance, also those that can help us understand when it’s time to change creatives to avoid banner blindness. We’ll also tell you about Spark Ads, TikTok Creative Tools, and TikTok Ad Policies.


$286 $44 One Time

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What will you get?

✅ Complete Guide to TikTok Ads Setup

✅ TikTok Backend Setup Instructions

✅ TikTok Ad Targeting Strategy

✅ Tips on Ad Budget Allocation

✅ Valuable Insights on Ad Metrics

✅ High-performing Campaign Framework

✅ Effective Funnel Structure

✅ Lifetime Program Access


💣 AD Template

💣 6 Tips to Increase Your Product Page Conversion Rate

💣 Access To Private Facebook Group

Some business owners (and even media buyers) get stuck in the very beginning of their TikTok ads journey.

They’re not able to detect what the bottleneck is and so don’t know how to move forward. Most of them don’t really get this young platform as they don’t even use it themselves.

Feeling like you’re one of them?

Don’t worry, our team follows the latest trends in terms of both, technical stuff and creatives. We’ll teach you all you need to know to jumpstart.

What’s more, if you’ve ever run ads on Facebook (or at least know something about it), you’re 90% of the way to successful ad campaigns on TikTok

But have you ever thought about what you would do if anything happens to your Facebook ad account?
What if your sales drop because of some system update?

With TikTok ads, your business can be more protected. You will still have a secondary platform that will be sort of a backup for you. And in the meantime, it’s your additional source of revenue, sales, and brand awareness

So you have two options:

❗️ either to hope that one misfortune won’t turn all your digital efforts into a mess

👍 or to launch your first ad campaigns on TikTok in just a few days and start making profits


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4 Lessons + Bonuses. Learn how to drive more sales with TikTok Ads!


Jumpstart you TikTok Ads! | TikTok mini-course + 💣 Bonuses

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